Masterbuilt Classic lens set
Fujinon Premist Large Format zoom 28-100 zoom lens
Tribe7 Blackwing 7 lenses
Fujinon Premista 28-100 Large Format zoom lens
Cooke Panchro/i FF lens set
Cooke Anamorphic SF FF 1.8x lens set
Angenieux EZ Full Frame zooms
ARRI Signature Zoom lens
Cooke Anamorphic SF 2.0x lens set
Canon CN-E 30-105 zoom lens

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• If you know your sensor size in millimeters our IMAGE CIRCLE CALCULATOR will calculate the minimum image circle that will cover your sensor. We've already done this for all the cameras and lenses on this site.
• For a graphical representation of a lens image circle overlaid on a specific camera sensor, check out SENSORSIZES.COM created by cinematographer Jannik Tesch