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3-axis wireless hand unit with integrated lens data display. Works with ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Studio and ALEXA SXT W cameras and UMC-3a, AMC-1 and all other Arri motor controllers.
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  • Built-in vibration motor for tactile feedback
  • LED backlit rotary knob with adjustable friction, 3.0" diameter 16 bit native encoder resolution
  • Fully sealed, splash- and dust-proof slider mechanism 14 bit native encoder resolution
  • Force sensitive knob with ergonomic design
  • Transflective TFT LC-Display (readable in bright sunlight) 3.0 inch diagonal
  • Durable and robust housing made of high-strength anodized aluminum
  • Sealed assembly with backlit display buttons and index marker
  • Approx. 780 grams/28 oz. including battery
  • NP-FM500H battery (Sony) or compatible batteries