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cForce Mini RF

Based on the widely adapted cforce mini lens motor, the cforce mini RF includes the latest iteration of ARRI’s white coded radio module with improved interference resistance and six additional radio channels.

The cforce mini RF can pair with up to three hand units for split focus, iris and zoom operation, and provides full lens data for focus mapping and lens data display with the Hi-5 and WCU-4 hand units. Using the LBUS interface, the system can be expanded with two additional cforce motors, while the new CAM connector provides a versatile interface for power supply and run/stop control with ARRI, and third-party cameras.

cForce Mini

The cforce mini connects directly to the ALEXA 35, Mini LF and Mini cameras (with Titanium PL LDS and EF mounts with LBUS connectors) providing a super-lightweight, integrated solution. It also connects to the Active Motor Controller AMC-1, making the cforce mini usable with any camera.

Small and lightweight, the cforce mini is an intelligent motor that adjusts lens settings on weight optimized camera configurations with remarkable speed and torque. Equipped with twin LBUS connectors and using daisy chain technology, up to three cforce mini motors can be linked in a row.


The CLM-3 motor is a very strong and fast lens motor. It drives even heavy, difficult-to-operate lenses under extreme low temperature conditions. It's gear modules can attach on either side of the motor, providing more flexibility and various mounting options. The rod bracket can be mounted horizontally or vertically over a quick clamp shoe. Additional inserts make mounting to 19 mm, 15 mm or 5/8” support systems possible.

  • Compatible with:
  • Alexa XT Plus
  • Alexa Plus
  • UMC-3a