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Arri Alex XT Plus camera

For the most effective use of anamorphic lenses, each ALEXA XT model is equipped with an Open Gate sensor of the same size and shape as a Super 35 mm film frame, a feature only found on ALEXA digital cameras. The 4:3 sensor mode is crucial for delivering the unique and cinematic widescreen look that can trace its origins back to the CinemaScope films of the 1950s. It is a look that has long been appreciated by cinematographers, directors and the viewing public. For convenient viewing of anamorphic images an anamorphic de-squeeze license is included with all ALEXA XT cameras.

ARRI Tools

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Sensor Mode Image Size Image Circle
Open Gate (1.55:1) 28.17 x 18.13 33.5mm
4:3 (1.33:1) 23.76 x 17.82 29.7mm
16:9 (1.78:1) 23.76 x 13.37 27.2mm

Sensor Mode Active Photo Sites Max FPS
ProRes HD 2880 x 1620 120
ProRes 2K 2868 x 1612 60
ProRes 3.2K 3168 x 1778 30
4:3 Full 2880 x 2160 90
4:3 Cropped 2578 x 2160 96
Open Gate
ARRIRAW 3414 x 2198 75

Arri ALexa XT sensor area chart

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