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Package Includes:
  • • Powered Cage
  • • (2) Dionic 90 batteries
  • • (4) 16GB CF cards
Sensor Dimensions
  • 22.3 x 14.9 mm
  • 27.1mm Ø

Modified in Germany by FGV Schmidle. The camera's mirror and optical viewfinder are removed and the original sensor block is rigidly remanufactured into a one piece steel mounting bracket with a ⅜" threaded mounting receiver and PL lens mount.

FGV 7D PL camera

This modification assures that all critical elements of the camera move as one. A 3-pin RS connector is added for start/stop control when using a handgrip system or remote camera controls. The FGV 7D-PL is ideal for remote rigs, car rigs, mini-cranes/jibs and any other dynamic shooting application. We include the Viewfactor Contineo powered cage. This facilitates powering all the normal accessories used with this configuration.