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  • Vest
  • Cinema 2.5
  • Cinema 3
  • Cinema 3
  • Cinema 3
  • Gimbal
  • Gimbal
  • Arm
  • 400N
  • 600N
  • 700N
  • Vario 5
  • Vario 5
  • V5/Serene
  • Capacity
  • 15-23 lbs.
  • 26-33 lbs.
  • 35-44 lbs.
  • 11-38 lbs.
  • 11-38 lbs.
  • 11-38 lbs.


MōVI Pro

Freefly MoVI

MōVI Pro is a lightweight, portable system that is the heart of a filmmaking ecosystem. The MōVI Pro family is adaptable, expandable and flexible enough to allow users to create production quality content quickly, easily and repeatedly.

Includes the MIMIC controller and CineMilled PRO-Ring with accessories. The MōVI controller and Chrosziel lens motors are available as additional accessories.

Ready Rig GS

Ready Rig

Assembles in less than 2 minutes and fits into included carry case for easy travel. The fully assembled weight is 10 lbs. and will support 30 lbs.

The entire gimbal stabilizer vest can easily fit through a standard doorway allowing the operator more freedom of movement on set and less bumping into things.

Handgrip sets


Spidergrips. The most universal grip set made. Standard of the industry.
Arri S-2 shoulder set. For use with standard ARRI baseplates. (BP-9, etc.)
Mantis shoulder set. A more universal version of the S-2 set.
P+S Technik LWS grip set. Made for standard light weight support or any standard rosette system.

Cine Saddle


The name kind of says it all.