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New account information

Paperwork to set up a new account
Insurance requirements
Payment options

Opening an account

Our account requirements follow Professional Equipment Rental Group standards. The following items must be complete before equipment can leave our facility:

Click each requirement above for the individual form or download PDF file all the forms in one file.

Deposit may be required

All customers without established credit terms (COD Status) will be required to furnish guaranteed funds for any and all deductible amounts. (Credit card authorization, Certified check or cash are acceptable means of payment.) All deductible amounts will be promptly returned when all equipment is returned and deemed to be unharmed and in good working order.

Insurance Requirements

1. Stratton Camera Inc. must be listed as certificate holder.

2. Stratton Camera Inc. must be listed as Loss Payee in regards to all leased equipment, and Additional Insured in regard to general liability.

3. The policy must provide specific coverage for rented equipment and accessories. This should appear in the section labeled "other" on your certificate.

4. The limit of liability and deductible (not to exceed $2500.00) must be clearly stated. Increased coverage on certain rentals may be necessary on an individual transaction basis.

5. The coverage must include in-transit and be written on a worldwide basis if applicable.

6. The coverage must be written on an ALL/RISK Replacement Cost basis. We will not accept an unattended automobile exclusion to the policy. Actual Cash Value will not be accepted by Stratton Camera Inc. because it will not meet the requirements of the Rental Agreement (section 7).